World Environment Day 2018

World Environment day is the United Nation’s chief vehicle for empowering mindfulness and activity for the insurance of our condition.

With the growing environmental concerns Vrittanta, a student body of Christ (Deemed to be university) realized the pertinence to ameliorate our environment. On 5th June 2018, a series of events were orchestrated in order to propagate apprehension about the apocalyptic environment that us humans are mindlessly establishing.

Audience participating in the event
The audience listening with rapt attention to the speakers

On the providential day, the volunteer body of Vrittanta invited Dr. PU Anthony, professor of botany and an environmentalist to address the gathering regarding the harmful effects of our actions and prospects for healthy development. He has started his own initiative of a student body named Green army, an initiative that works around to spread awareness and bring about a healthy change in our society. His speech hinged on various levels that forced the audience to contemplate their actions and work to improve surroundings. The audience were informed of some flabbergasting facts regarding their cohort. The audience were shocked to hear the consequences of their inane actions, 5 trillion plastic bags everyday from our country. The speech was indeed very powerful and everyone took the solemn pledge of avoiding plastic in our everyday use.

Father Jose CC sharing his wisdom with students
The faculty


Professor PU Anthony enlightens the audience with his knowledge

To instill a deeper sense of responsibility among students, a dance performance, a skit and presentation were done focusing on our frivolous actions and taking up concrete steps for a safer future. Students of 3EPS performed an energizing dance where they celebrated the beauty of nature. A skit, participated by the second and the third year students of the department, showcased the political agendas hidden behind the veil of environmental protectionism and the lack of awareness among people. Shaurya Vardhan and Nistha Sinha then took the stage with insightful speeches on environment. While Mr Vardhan’s speech had a serious note to it, Miss Sinha took the audience on a laughter riot while raising awareness about environmental degradation. Miss Arushi Ganguly then, through a power-point presentation, raised attentiveness about being an environmentally conscious society.


Students of 3EPS performing a dance

It was euphoric to witness the enthusiasm portrayed by the students of HEP and EPS regarding the safekeeping of our environment.


Vaividhya 2017


The Department of International Studies and History organized a celebration of 67 years of Indian republic named “Vaividhya”. The celebration was organized on 7th and 27th January 2017, where the initial day was marked with various competitions held for the students of HEP and EPS. Continue reading

Teacher’s Day Celebrations

teachers-day-1The teachers day celebration was organized by Vrittanta on 8th September 2016 in Sky View, Central Block. It was a surprise for the teachers and also a gesture of gratefulness by the students towards their teachers. There were a series of dance and songs performed by every class. During these performances, the teachers were called onto the stage to share their experience with the students.  Continue reading

Independence Day Celebrations

independence-1On the 19th of August 2016, the Department of International Studies and History organised a celebration of 70 years of Indian Independence and  recognised the achievements and participation of students from all three years of its courses, HEP and EPS. At 12 Noon in the Kuriakose Elias Auditorium, Block IV, students and faculty from the department came together and the programme began. Continue reading