Inauguration of Clubs Under Vrittanta

The inauguration of the clubs for students under Vrittanta was held on the afternoon of 23rd November 2016 at the Skyview Auditorium. The dignitaries present were the Rev. Fr. Jose CC, Prof. Vagishwari SP, Prof. Venugopal Menon, the Vrittanta co-ordinator Prof. Anurag Tripathi, as well as other faculty members from the department. The programme began with an auspicious note, with the rendition of As the Deer Panteth For the Water. This was followed by the address from the HOD, Prof. Vagishwari SP.

Ayush Anand from 2nd EPS performed at the inauguration. Following this, the clubs under Vrittanta were formally inaugurated. The clubs inaugurated on that day were; Kayal (the art club), Avirbhav (the music club), the dance club, the debate club, the literary club, the sports club and the literary club.

The heads of each of the clubs went up on stage, and gave a brief overview of each of the clubs. Following this was a group song and a dance performance by students of the department. The programme was a success, especially considering the aim of drawing students to join the various clubs.

The Emcess for the launch- Rajoli from 4HEP and Yashaswani S from 4EPS



Sangam 2017-18

Sangam 2017

“There is no real ending. It is just the place where you stop the story.” – Frank Herbert

As the much awaited two-day fest, Sangam organized with great zeal and enthusiasm, by the Department of International Studies and History comes to an end, we realize that this saying of Mr. Herbert is quite viable. It is for the session of 2017-18 that we arrive at the final doorstep of Sangam. Continue reading

Kartavya 2017

Kartavya 1

“Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.” – Tryon Edwards

‘Kartavya’ is a word derived from the Sanskrit origin meaning “duty”. Taking into consideration the immense contribution of each Christite throughout their college days, Kartavya 2017 was organized by the first and second years of the Undergraduates of Department of International Studies and History for the third years to acknowledge their contribution to the institution. Continue reading