Kayal – February 2018

Kayal- The Heart club, Vrittanta, Department of International Studies and History had the last  exhibition of the semester organised on 12th February and 14th February. Valentine’s day being around the corner and with love in the air, the theme of this exhibition was along these lines, being, LOVE IS IN THE AIR.
The welcome speech was given by Arushi Ganguly of  4HEP explaining the theme of the exhibition and the importance of expression through art. The exhibition was inagurated by Mrs. Abhaya, Head of Department: English in the presence of Father Joseph CC and Mrs. Vageshwari. She exceedingly valued the work done and talked about history and love. This was trailed by the keen interest of the display by the chief guest and the faculty members. They appreciated the work done by the students and congratulated the artists and the volunteers.
The heads of the club Nivedita Dhawan and Mehak Sarda handed over a token of gratitude to the chief guest. The vote of thanks was given by Hanish Emmanuel, convenor, Vrittanta. The artists and volunteers were congratulated and appreciated for setting up an awesome show. They played with colours, smeared the white canvasses with a spectrum of colours and gave vent to their imagination.  The exhibition was completely organized on the theme of  love. The attractions of this exhibition were dreamcatchers, pop-up boxes, wall hangings and valentine boxes. The exhibition also incuded the constant greeting card and bookmarks along the theme of love. The posters for this exhibition were specially designed by the artists for the special time of love.  The response to the exhibition was overwhelming and the funds raised in the exhibition would be proceeded for charity like the previous exhibitions.
The Kayal Team
The Kayal Team with our faculty members



“Globalization makes it impossible for modern societies to collapse in isolation, as did Easter Island and the Greenland Norse in the past. Any society in turmoil today no matter how remote can cause trouble for prosperous societies on other continents and is also subject to their influence. For the first time in history, we face the risk of a global decline. But we also are the first to enjoy the opportunity of learning quickly from developments in societies anywhere else in the world today, and from what has unfolded in societies at any time in the past. 

– Jared Diamond, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

The 1980s to 1990s saw the world being smothered by the globalization reforms, liberalization being the motto and private players the key to economic success. One often hears about how globalization has made everything possible – indeed, it is impossible for the present generation to imagine the lack of a global market redundant with the flow of goods and services from various countries. In such an open society however, one may tend to overlook the widespread effects of globalization on different aspects – social, economic and political – of our daily life.

This is exactly what Dr. Tamas Novak, Professor of Economics & Director of International Relations, Budapest Business School, Hungary attempted to explain during the first global class of our semester held on November 29th, 2017, the topic being ‘Geographic Comfort Zones’. The session was hosted by Mr. Lon Appleby, a charming and cheery professor from the Durham College of Oshawa, Canada. The session was attended to by the students of Durham College Oshawa, Canada, Budapest Business School, Hungary, Seisa University, Japan and our very own Christ University, India. Students from the courses of M.A. International Studies and B.A. (History, Economics, Political Science) and other courses that included International Economics and/or International Relations were privileged to be a part of this enlightening conversation. An option to listen in live and ask questions was also provided. Rev. Fr. Jose CC and our professors, Dr. Venugopal Menon and Dr. Anurag Tripathi were present too, to provide their never-failing guidance and encouragement. Ms. Madhumati Deshpande, our beloved patron, was in charge of this entire show.

Dr. Novak initially presented his viewpoint on the global economy, accompanied by the key players in the influencing of said economy, at both the state and international level. He also presented his opinions on the future of the international arena with the rise of unexpected, yet powerful players (like China). This brief introduction was followed by the intriguing questions and discussions involved in by the students. Queries ranging from the political instability that mostly followed globalization, the negativity of forced liberalization on regions belonging to any monetary unions and the rise of China on the global stage by involving in various types of investments and projects were projected, through which a lively discussion ensued. The increasing influence of China on the global scenario and India’s wariness surprised the audience of the session – the European countries seemed very receptive of China’s role and believed it to be of a purely business nature, a fact that Indians found difficult to adhere to.

The session ended on a cheerful note; Mr. Lon Appleby applauded the participating universities and their enthusiasm, he took careful note of the well-deserving caution that India felt towards China’s global movements, declared himself amused by the fact that US has cropped up a minimum number of times into the discussion, clearly indicating the global power of China and reminded the audience that the reverting of power and influence to countries like China and India in the global scenarios need not be accepted through feelings of surprise and concern – India and China had long been players in the scenario and we the oldest members of the game; it was only right that history showcased the reversal of footprints.

Ms. Madhumati Deshpande cheerfully stated then that she sincerely hoped the phrase ‘India and China’ and not just ‘China’ would continue to be in use.

It was an educative and enlightening session, in all respects.

The attendees of the Global Class

The Youth and Democracy Conference

The Centre for Social Action and the Department of International Studies and History, Christ (Deemed to be University) in collaboration with Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA) organized an event based on the theme ‘Youth and Democracy in Everyday Life’ on the 28th of November 2017. The theme for the Round Table Conference was ‘Littering the Environment’ under the umbrella theme of ‘Democracy in Everyday Life’. The event was organized to celebrate The Constitution Day of India, wherein the participants were allotted their respective parties and were seated accordingly during the event. The event started with Dr. Anurag Tripathi, the faculty coordinator delivering the welcoming speech followed by a brief introduction by Miss. Wafa Singh, the event organizer of PRIA, who enlightened the audience about the event as well as the organization. The other members present were Miss Ashwini Biradar, the organizer from CSA along with the student organizers.

The participants were asked to come up with the best and accommodative policy they could, on the given topic in two rounds and were given fifteen minutes to present their topics, during which they showed their excellent skill as speakers and policy makers.

The event ended with the distribution of prizes for the participants as well as winners, with Ms. Wafa encouraging the students to organize such more events which will help them in learning as well as creating awareness.

The event organiser of PRIA, Wafa Singh along with the participants
During the course of the Conference


Daksh is an event organised by the Student Council, wherein all the departments get an opportunity to showcase what they have to offer, the merits and opportunities that the department provides, the programs and courses offered, various activities or in a nutshell what the department is all about. Daksh was organized on the 24th and 25th of November this year.

The Department of International Studies and History had a stall in front of the Christ Pre-University for the Undergraduate programs. The Student Council members headed by the University Member, Vivin Nair worked towards collecting, editing and printing the data to display in the stall on posters and flyers. The handmade posters and other decoration materials were made with the help of Kayal, the Department Art Club. Along with these, student projects were also displayed. The programs offered by the department, student attributes, publications, internship details, achievements by the students, faculty profile and department activities were listed in a booklet for people to read and understand. On both the days, four presenters explained to the people visiting the stall about the department and clarified their queries and doubts.

All the two hundred pamphlets were given away and the overall response was very welcoming. The hard work of the Student Council members and the support from the faculty members was evident in each and every aspect of the stall.

Students from the department who handled the International Studies and History for Undergraduates stall

Inauguration of Clubs Under Vrittanta

The inauguration of the clubs for students under Vrittanta was held on the afternoon of 23rd November 2016 at the Skyview Auditorium. The dignitaries present were the Rev. Fr. Jose CC, Prof. Vagishwari SP, Prof. Venugopal Menon, the Vrittanta co-ordinator Prof. Anurag Tripathi, as well as other faculty members from the department. The programme began with an auspicious note, with the rendition of As the Deer Panteth For the Water. This was followed by the address from the HOD, Prof. Vagishwari SP.

Ayush Anand from 2nd EPS performed at the inauguration. Following this, the clubs under Vrittanta were formally inaugurated. The clubs inaugurated on that day were; Kayal (the art club), Avirbhav (the music club), the dance club, the debate club, the literary club, the sports club and the literary club.

The heads of each of the clubs went up on stage, and gave a brief overview of each of the clubs. Following this was a group song and a dance performance by students of the department. The programme was a success, especially considering the aim of drawing students to join the various clubs.

The Emcess for the launch- Rajoli from 4HEP and Yashaswani S from 4EPS


Sangam 2017-18

Sangam 2017

“There is no real ending. It is just the place where you stop the story.” – Frank Herbert

As the much awaited two-day fest, Sangam organized with great zeal and enthusiasm, by the Department of International Studies and History comes to an end, we realize that this saying of Mr. Herbert is quite viable. It is for the session of 2017-18 that we arrive at the final doorstep of Sangam. Continue reading