Kayal – The HeArt Club


KAYAL denotes beautiful eyes; the beauty of art is in the perception of one’s vision. The forum set up in 2017 aims at providing a form a platform exclusively for Artists of Christ University, especially the Department of International Studies and History. It is an initiative by ‘Vrittanta’ which will focus on finding unseen talent within the students of Department of International Studies and History. The Art Club, as an initiative encourages growing artists or art activists to volunteer and sign up a member of the club and participate in activities, events, exhibition and workshop to showcase their creativity and talent. The richness of a community is showcased in the quality of art and literature. Visual art has no boundaries. The art club will focus on small and large scale art pieces. In course of hosting departmental fests, volunteers and members of the club will serve with the needed artistic help such as making posters, hand-outs, sculptures, props, etc.

The types of art handled by the club include:

  • More contemporary forms. (Different from the usual)
  • Symbolic art- painting- water, acrylic
  • Thread art
  • Art from waste
  • Sculpture- from bottles
  • Collage
  • Sand Art
  • Chalk Art

Every month, one big or medium sized piece will be worked by many, a durable piece (with the durable material- oil paint, nails, canvas) which can be kept for years and add to the ambiance of the University. This will also ensure teamwork and create history. We look forward to more participation from students across the university.

For further enquiries, contact (+91) 9916079609 or (+91) 7996602546.

Email us at kayal.theheartclub@gmail.com.

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