Vrittanta is an association of, for and by the students of History and Political Science at the undergraduate level. This is an initiative of the Department of International Studies and History, Christ University, Bengaluru, to bring into fruition the University vision of ‘Excellence and Service’. The primary aim of the association is to strengthen the analytical ability of students by exposing them to recent developments in the domains and train them to engage in the discourse in a critical manner. The association is meant to be a forum for realizing the application part of the disciplines concerned, which is brought out through various curricular and co-curricular activities. Being a student body under the guidance of faculties, it is believed that the skill set, leadership capabilities of students will also be nurtured.

Our Objectives:

1. to promote a better understanding of the subject;
2. to foster a relationship between faculty and students by providing a channel of communication;
3. to represent the undergraduate students before other departmental groups;
4. to provide a forum for discussion and debate;
5. to share and find solutions to the contemporary issues.

Our Activities:

1. Sports and Cultural Programs
2. Annual Fest
3. Exhibition
4. Blog and Newsletter
5. Film Fest
6. Mock Parliament