Leadership Workshop


A leadership workshop was conducted on Wednesday, 7th June 2017 between 3 and 4.30PM for the student coordinators of Vrittanta 2017-18. The session was conducted in the Assembly Hall, Block II, by Prof. John Paul of the Department of Business Studies and Social Sciences, Christ University Bannerghatta Campus.

The session was indeed a very engaging one. The students were taught about the significance of having certain essential leadership qualities in a very simple and entertaining manner. The activities conducted during the workshop included games which broke the ice between the students and also triggered several leadership qualities inherent within the students, which they were not aware of. Students eventually found themselves posing as leaders and helping out members coordinate and move ahead. The event was made even more interesting and informative through motivational and inspirational videos about how a leader should be.

Towards the end of the program, Dr (Fr) Jose CC, Director, Student Affairs, and Dr. Priyanka Mallick, Faculty Coordinator, Vrittanta Association, made an appearance for the vote of thanks and for concluding the program. The students were highly motivated and were ready to take on their responsibilities as leaders and prepare the plan of action for the upcoming events.

Overall, it was a delightful and a very enriching experience and the students remained actively engaged in the workshop for the entire duration.

Report by Shubikha Mukherji



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