Kayal: Art for a Cause


The Department of International Studies and History, Christ University had organized Vritantta: Kayal 2017, the second art exhibition undertaken by the newly formed ‘The heART Club’ on 13th and 14th February 2017. The preparation for the exhibition had started three days prior to the day of the event and the entire team of forty members had put in their wholehearted effort to make it a success, it being an initiative by the members to donate money for the child sponsorship program organized by the Centre for Social Action, Christ University.

The inauguration was blessed by the presence of Rev. Father Jose C C, Director of Student Affairs; Dr. John Joseph Kennedy, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences; Dr. Mallika Krishnaswamy, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences; both of whom expressed their pride and congratulated the members of their determination and the hard work during their speeches. It was also attended by Mr. Jino Joy, International Programme Co-ordinator, and Project Officer; Mr. Vinay K.C, Assistant Project Officer-Volunteer Program & Professor-Service Learning, Centre for Social Action, Christ University.

The exhibition started on 13th February 2017 at 9:00 am with the cutting of the ribbon by Dr. J.J Kennedy and Dr. Mallika Krishnaswamy. It was followed by a welcome speech by Ms. Harsimran Singh Sondhi from 2HEP along with Ms. Praba Shamili Jeeva from 6EPS, the organizer and the leader of The heART Club who guided the entire exhibition with immense patience and determination.

The club, having started with 20 members had increased over just a few days since it’s the last exhibition on 27th January 2017 to having 40 members. The core members of the team, who were the part of the club since it’s formation were presented with badges by the Heads of the Department, Dr. Venugopal Menon, and Dr. Vagishwari SP. This was a much awaited and proud moment for all the artists which included Praba, Sanjana, Anusha, Sowndarya, Shreyasee, Biswarupa, Reeti, Nivedita, Harsimran, Harshita, Himani, Muskan, Udbhav, Anand, Priyanka, Megha, Sona, Prateeti and Karthi.

The hard work that the members had put into the decoration of the stalls was much appreciated by one and all who visited the two stalls. The paintings were complimented upon as well as criticized and the viewers voted on the artwork they liked the best. There were dream-catchers of varying sizes, bookmarks, notepads and a variety of other things to buy which the volunteers had made themselves over the past few days.

The two-day event came to an end on 14th February and turned out to be a great success, taking into consideration the fund that could be raised through the sale of the works. The estimated fund raised was INR 13,500 which will be donated to CSA for sponsoring a child from Janakiram Layout. As disheartening as it was to wrap up the much-awaited exhibition, it was a proud moment for every artist who contributed to the event that they could be a part of the bright future of a child who needs help.


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