Sangam 2016-17


The Department of International Studies and History organized its maiden intraclass festival, ‘Sangam’, on 7th and 8th December 2016. The theme of the festival was “India at Seventy – Moments for Retrospect and Introspect.” The two-days festival provided the students a platform to integrate the subjects by showcasing the depth, forcefulness, and clarity of the different ideas of learning with the individual passion.

The events of Sangam was an academic experience for the students to reminisces, redefine and distil the classroom experience into wisdom and learning. The events were as follows:



Mock Parliament was the flagship event of Sangam held on the 7th of December 2016 and was a great success. It started with the various ministers taking their seats. The Oath of Affirmation was taken, followed by the Question Hour. After which the Zero Hour followed, where the opposition demanded answers to the issues which were vividly seen in India’s Foreign Policy. Towards the end of the session, were the Legislative Business.

Nithin Thilagan of 4 EPS was awarded the Best Parliamentarian title. The other winners included Vishal Kumar of 6 HEP (Best Speaker), Mandabya JJ of 2 MEP (Best Question), Nistha Sinha of 2 HEP (Best Member – Treasury Bench), Ashwathy Anil of 2 EPS (Best Member – Opposition Bench), Arushi Ganguly of 2 HEP (Honourable Mention), Smera Jayadeva of 4 HEP (Honourable Mention), and Mandhara BP of 6 HEP (Best Dressed Member). The session was fruitful in fulfilling its objective and imbibing the thoughts in the Parliamentarians that India must now righteously follow the path of development.



The second flagship event, The Young Statesman Award, was held on the 8th of December 2016. It was open to all the students of the Deanery of Humanities and Social Sciences and consisted of two rounds; a written and an elocution round. Write–ups were submitted by the participants on four topics namely; ‘Technology and Modernity’, ‘Space and Humanity’, ‘Significance of Liberalization in India’s Emergence as a Global Power’ and ‘Sports Brings Nations Together’.

Based on their write–ups, 15 participants were selected for the elocution where they spoke on the topic– ‘If I were the Prime Minister of India’. The participants included Jiss Palelil, Elizabeth V, Ekasmayi Naresh, Kalyani M, Mandhara BP, Dhruv Ashok, Sancia C, Meghana Jain, R Karrthik, Jaya Jain, Debjani C and Adarsh Badri.

Ekasmayi Naresh of 4 PSEng was declared the winner of the competition and was awarded a cash prize of  Rs. 3000/-. Mandhara BP of 6 HEP and Kalyani M of 2HEP tied for second place and Dhruv Ashok of 6 HEP was recognized with a special mention. This competition vividly brought into light 12 different visions for the future of this country. Every idea and approach represented make India the country it is today and what the way forward could be.



The event which was full of varied colors took place on the 8th of December 2016. The event saw a participation of 100 students, divided into 20 groups. The participants had to form groups with maximum of 5 members in each group, and make a poster on the theme; “70 Years of Indian Independence”. The winners of this event were students from 2 HEP; Nivedita Dhawan, Shreyasee Deb, Reeti Dhall, Biswarupa Bhattacharjee and Harsimran Singh Sondhi.



This fun-filled event took place on the 8th of December 2016, also had a deeper meaning. It saw huge participation from various classes like 2HEP, 2MEP, 4HEP and 4EPS. All the teams focused on different political and economic issues. The different street plays brought front their views beautifully on the theme, ‘My Rights end where your nose begins’, and the 2 HEP students won the first place; Himani Agrawal, Nishit Jogi, Mehak Sarda, Muskan Jain, Kunj Malhotra, Udbhav Krishnna, Eaga Manideep and Tenzin Rabga.



Kingmakers took place on the 8th of December 2016 and were perhaps a unique event of the fest; a test of both acting capabilities and display of wry knowledge of the Indian political system. From parodies to play bringing to light the hypocrisy of several parties, the stage saw it all. The winners of this event were the students of 4 HEP; Mohammed Tariq, Suhaas Gunna, Aditya GS, Ramprasad P, Saachi Shukla, Nymisha Yadati. Mohammed Abu, and Prateeti Srivastava. The showcased perfectly the roundabout promises politicians make and the one-way mirror that the media is.



The Shutterbug was a photography competition based on the theme, ‘India – A Vibrant Democracy.’ The selected photographs clicked by the students were exhibited near Block 1 on the second day of the festival. Vivin R of 4 HEP won the ‘Best Photographer’ title.


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