Colourful India

india-70-1Having completed 69 years of independence, the students still remain indifferent towards such an important milestone in our history. With a motive of spreading awareness and probing others to glance back to our past days, 64 students from HEP, EPS, PSEng, PSEco, JPEng, and CEP came together for the first time for this event.

Under the guidance of Dr. (Fr) Jose CC and the training of Mr. Prabin and Mr. Sooraj, the students practiced regularly for the event. The dance event took place on 16th August since 15th was a public holiday. All students gathered in front of the Central Block by 12.55pm on the same day. The event started at 1pm and had a duration of almost 10 minutes. The dancers performed two songs and were successful in bringing out the true colour of India, that of unity and diversity, through their dance.


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