Independence Day Celebrations

independence-1On the 19th of August 2016, the Department of International Studies and History organised a celebration of 70 years of Indian Independence and  recognised the achievements and participation of students from all three years of its courses, HEP and EPS. At 12 Noon in the Kuriakose Elias Auditorium, Block IV, students and faculty from the department came together and the programme began. The Welcome Address was followed by Dr. Vagishwari SP, Professor, Department of History, addressing us about how Independence Day isn’t just another “national holiday”. She said that India as a nation requires time to cleanse herself of colonial influence and this would be possible only if she had the respect, trust and patience of her people. India was never a banana republic and all that our country needs is time. As the programme was also to appreciate our students’ efforts, we had the Investiture Ceremony of the Office Bearers of the various committees of our Association, Vrittanta where their efforts were recognised by Dr. Venugopal Menon, Professor, Department of International Studies, and Dr. Vagishwari.

Carpe Diem was a talent search programme that was organised by the department for the first years in the month of July. Their participation, efforts and achievements were recognised by the department with Dr. Anurag Tripathi, Dr. Priyanka Mallick and Ms. Priyanka Bhowmik felicitating the students. The students of II HEP participated in a debate, Japan, An Asian Miracle: Myth or Reality on 29th July, 2016. Dr. Joshy Paul appreciated the students’ efforts. On 3rd August, 2016 the Department organised a Student Seminar on the Relationship between India and the European Union.  Dr. (Fr) Jose CC, Director of Student Affairs recognised the efforts of all the students who presented their papers at the Seminar. Fr. Jose further addressed the audience on the importance that international sports has in the arena of relations between different countries. He emphasised that “practice is what makes perfect” and that India requires that attitude to reach the heights it needs to be at.

This was followed by an introduction of the Centre for Academic and Professional Support by Ms.Aishwarya R. and Ms. Garima Narwani. The audience was also given an idea of the Newsletter of our Department and the upcoming events planned for all of us. Lastly, we had the Cultural Programmes which truly highlighted India. With their performances, classes showcased and celebrated India through song, dance and drama.  This two and a half hour programme ended with the National Anthem, where our country and every achievement were celebrated.


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