A Wonder that is India

exhibition-1The Department of International Studies and History organized an exhibition based on the theme, ‘A Wonder That Is India’, on 10th September 2016. It was held on the Campus Walkway between 10am and 1pm. Each class was given as specific sub-topic:

•    I HEP-Modern Indian Identities
•    II HEP- India and the Neighborhood
•    III HEP- India and its Glory: Ancient and Medieval Period

The classes were divided into groups of five, and under these topics had to represents periods through:

•    Writing/ Model
•    Maps
•    Photographs
•    Audio/ Video
•    Sketches/ Drawings/ Caricatures

In each class, the groups competed with each other. There were three judges present. Dr. Arjita Pradhan was a judge for the first years, while Dr. Malvika Binny and Dr. Abhaya NB judged the second and third years respectively. These were a part of the student’s History CIA component as well. The exhibition garnered many visitors, students and faculty, alike.


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