Seminar – India and the European Union

eu-india-1The Department of International Studies and History organized a half day seminar for undergraduate students on the topic ‘India and the European Union’ on 03rd August 2016 at Campus View, Central Block, Christ University. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Vagishwari SP, Head, Department of History.

The seminar was divided into two sessions and the first session on the Economic Relations was chaired by Dr. Anurag Tripathi, and the second session on Socio-Political Relations was chaired by Dr. Priyanka Mallick. A total of 11 papers were presented during the seminar.

Session I : India and the European Union: Economic Relations

Chair:  Dr. Anurag Tripathi

Jiss Tom Palell Looking at European Model of Integration and Its Viability in Promoting South-Asian Cooperation from an Indian Perspective
Annette Joseph, and Rai Pramanik Role of FDI in India- EU Relations
Archana Jayaprakash A Portrait of India’s Political and Economic Relation with EU
Ekta Sawant, and Tushar Anand India and European Union:  Trade Prospects
Vishwesh Sundar India’s Soft Power in Europe
Sweetlin B, and Apoorva Singegol Indians in European Union – Ethnic identity and Economic Efficiency

Session II: India and the European Union: Socio-Political Relations

Chair: Dr. Priyanka Mallik

Rebekah AM, and Jaya Jain European Union and India: Historical Understanding with special reference to Defense and Security Relations
Lisa Varghese, and Bhavya AG Indian Diaspora in The European Union: Possibilities of Positive Spillovers on Indian Development
Gayatri Political and Cultural relations between EU and India
Nancy Rout, and Arundhati Sural The European Union and the Indian Diaspora: The Brexit Impact
Irfan Nazir, and Shivangi Shrivastava
Bollywood’s Portrayal of Indian Diaspora in European Union

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