A Wonder that is India

exhibition-1The Department of International Studies and History organized an exhibition based on the theme, ‘A Wonder That Is India’, on 10th September 2016. It was held on the Campus Walkway between 10am and 1pm. Each class was given as specific sub-topic: Continue reading


Teacher’s Day Celebrations

teachers-day-1The teachers day celebration was organized by Vrittanta on 8th September 2016 in Sky View, Central Block. It was a surprise for the teachers and also a gesture of gratefulness by the students towards their teachers. There were a series of dance and songs performed by every class. During these performances, the teachers were called onto the stage to share their experience with the students.  Continue reading

Independence Day Celebrations

independence-1On the 19th of August 2016, the Department of International Studies and History organised a celebration of 70 years of Indian Independence and  recognised the achievements and participation of students from all three years of its courses, HEP and EPS. At 12 Noon in the Kuriakose Elias Auditorium, Block IV, students and faculty from the department came together and the programme began. Continue reading